Why Choose Us?

We are proud to introduce the new BoMaster Air Cooler range to the world. Because of its superior quality and efficiency, the BoMaster Air Cooler is a definite stand-out in its field.
Because of the evaporative technology used in the products the BoMaster Air Cooler does not only serve as an Air Cooler, but as an Air Purifier as well.
Our aim is to focus on quality products and customer service, so our customers can rest assured that we will do everything in our power and ability to ensure we supply them with the correct product for every need.
After-sales service is of great importance to us at BoMaster, thus, we will always go the extra mile for our customers

We are importers of the following brands:

  • BoMaster
  • Portable Evaporative Coolers
  • Industrial Portable Evaporative Coolers
  • Ducted, Evaporative Coolers and Exhaust Fans

We support a dealer network throughout South Africa, that can perform the following:

  • Correctly select equipment
  • Install
  • Uphold guarantees

For this, we offer the following:

  • Quality products
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Full spares back up
  • Technical support


Although our core business is the supply of Evaporative Coolers, we do pride ourselves on the availability and continuation of spare parts.


We strive towards the training and technical support on all our products to our dealership network

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